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Thermal Imager

Index cat. WMGBKT256F

ean 5907624010581

Ingress protection: IP 54

Data transmission: USB

Display: graphic, color, backlit

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Carrying case

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Step into thermal imaging

The Sonel KT-256F thermal imaging camera is a special camera. Cost-effective, practical and handy, it is a powerful tool for everyday work. The camera is used for basic diagnostics. It is equipped with a matrix having a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels, supported by visual camera, laser pointer and additional features to fully meet the needs of users.


KT-256F is equipped with an automatic focus which ensures that your IR measurement pictures will always be sharp and crisp, no matter the distance.


KT-256F is used always when the temperature of objects is important and may affect the operation of the equipment. Particularly useful in:

  • power engineering (including PV installations),
  • construction sector,
  • industry
  • HVAC.


  • measuring range -20°C...550°C (-20°F... 1022°F)
  • quick start
  • fast temperature measurement
  • automatic signalling of exceeded alarm threshold
  • autofocus
  • saving IR images to SD card
  • built-in Li-Ion battery with 16-hour working time
  • interfaces: USB type C, SD slot
  • can be set up on a tripod