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Low resistance meter

Index cat. WMGBMMR620

Ingress protection: IP 54

Measurement category: CAT III 300 V

Data transmission: RS-233

Display: graphic, monochrome, backlit

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Sonel low resistance meters

Sonel low resistance meters are modern instruments designed to measure low resistances in resistance and inductive objects. These devices are great for many applications. They are used, for example, to measure the resistance of electrical protection, contacts, earthing connections, welded and soldered connections, twisted connections, as well as windings of motors, transformers and coils. Sonel meters can also be used on production lines, e.g. for final inspection. Their advantages are appreciated especially in power plants, in maintenance companies, as well as on railways, where they are used to test rail welds.

Sonel meters for measuring small resistances - the best quality for professionals

The renowned company Sonel has created a full range of modern meters for measuring small resistances. Available in several variants, the devices will meet the requirements of beginners as well as advanced users, providing a wide range of possibilities. Sonel micro-ohmmeters can also be used to measure very low resistances. In addition, they have such functions as the function of demagnetizing the transformer core, the function of automatic temperature compensation and the function of determining the temperature of the motor working under load. Advanced models in this category have a modern touch interface and Wi-Fi communication, and additionally they work with a printer and a 2D code reader. Professional meters are distinguished by a modern design and special measurement algorithms that enable the selection of the optimal measurement method depending on the tested object, as well as the measurement conditions.

Sonel low resistance meters are characterized by excellent resistance and can work even with high disturbances. Each of the devices in our offer is additionally characterized by a high degree of protection. Depending on the model, the meters have a casing with an IP54 or IP67 protection degree, which provides them with excellent durability and allows them to work also in difficult measuring conditions.

The best meters for professionals

Due to their excellent technical parameters and extensive functionality, Sonel meters are widely used in the electrical industry, energy, industrial automation and mechanics. Their advantages are appreciated by professionals from many countries around the world. The company Sonel S.A has been a leading manufacturer of measuring devices for years, not only in Poland, but also throughout Central Europe. A wide range of instruments with advanced measurement functions will meet the expectations of the most demanding users! Familiarize yourself with the offer available in our store and choose modern devices that will work best in your work!