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Crocodile clips


17 products



17 products


Crocodile clip, black, 1 kV, 20 A

Index cat. WAKROBL20K01


Crocodile clip, blue, 1 kV, 20 A

Index cat. WAKROBU20K02


Crocodile clip 5.5 kV blue

Index cat. WAKROBU32K07


Crocodile clip, red, 1 kV, 20 A

Index cat. WAKRORE20K02


Crocodile clip 5,5 kV 32 A red

Index cat. WAKRORE32K07


Crocodile clip, yellow, 1 kV, 20 A

Index cat. WAKROYE20K02


Crocodile clip, black, 1 kV, 32 A

Index cat. WAKROBL30K03


Crocodile clip 5.5 kV black

Index cat. WAKROBL32K07


Kelvin clamp, 1 kV, 25 A

Index cat. WAKROKELK06


Crocodile clip, black, 11 kV, 32 A

Index cat. WAKROBL32K09

Crocodile clips and clamps for the gauge

Among the necessary elements of the equipment of every electrician and measurement person, there should be solid clamps and crocodile clips, which are used when making precise measurements. Our store offers a large selection of crocodile clips and meter clamps. The highest quality of the presented products is ensured by the renowned Sonel brand, of which we are the official distributor.


High quality crocodile clips

We offer a wide range of 20A, 25A and 32A crocodile clips that will adapt to your area of ​​application and ensure safe and effective measurements. The cleverly designed structure of the crocodile clip enables an easy and stable grip even in the case of small elements. The crocodile clips available in our offer are high-quality, perfectly insulated accessories that guarantee effective and safe operation in all conditions and are resistant to a wide range of temperatures. The crocodile clips for the meter are used in conjunction with the test leads.


Robust test clamps

In this category of our store, we also have solidly made clamps, including a twisted vise clamp and a Kelvin clamp with a double cable. These professional, reliable accessories will be appreciated by professionals operating in industries related, among others, to electricity and energy. Made of durable materials, the clamps guarantee long-term use and are perfect for any application.


Proven crocodile clips, clamps and other accessories for meters

Being the official shop of the manufacturer of professional Sonel meters, we provide a comprehensive assortment that also includes a wide range of accessories. You will find here a large selection of crocodile clips, excellent quality clamps, as well as many other elements useful when measuring low resistance, and more. We offer only professional Sonel products. It is a proven choice for specialists from many industries, including in particular the electricity, energy, industry and automotive industries.


Complete the necessary measuring equipment in the store

In order to precisely measure specific parameters, it is necessary to have professional equipment in the form of high-class meters with a set of accessories. Bearing in mind the diverse needs of our customers, in the online store, we have prepared an extensive range of products that can be used in various industries. Here you will find only high-quality articles that flawlessly pass the exam even in the most difficult conditions and are not afraid of any challenges. Check the wide offer of our store, complete the necessary equipment and take advantage of the free delivery, which we provide from orders for the amount of EUR 250!

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