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Leakage current alarm

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Leakage current alarm

In order to monitor leakage current in power networks, Sonel's advanced leakage current alarm signalers are perfect. These are professional instruments that allow you to determine the safety status of the tested installation in terms of leakage current. If the predetermined current flow is exceeded, the signaling device triggers a visual and audible alarm. In this way, it allows you to set a threshold for the safe value of the flowing current.

Offered in this category of our store, Sonel professional alarm devices are used for measuring leakage current in power networks. They have the function of measuring AC current and low and medium voltage with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The instrument automatically selects the measurement range. The test can be performed with one or two clamps at the same time, with the measurement value on two clamps being summed. Thus, the device can be used to measure twin poles. The beacon has a speaker built into the housing. If the alarm threshold is exceeded, the device emits an audible and visual signal. In addition, the signaling device's display shows the state of battery charge, which helps prevent the instrument from running out of power.


Sonel's reliable leakage current alarm beacons

Developed by the respected Sonel company, leakage current alarms combine ergonomics, ease of use and a range of practical functions. The robust IP67-rated housing provides the device with high durability, as well as resistance to damage or flooding. Due to their accuracy, durability and functionality, Sonel indicators are a proven solution for the electrical and power industry. 

As an official Sonel S.A. store, we offer a full range of Sonel measuring devices directly from the manufacturer. This allows us to offer competitive prices and the latest products from Sonel's range.


Sonel professional measuring instruments

Extremely rich and diversified assortment of store is the answer to the needs of the most demanding specialists in the field of electrical, mechanical or industrial automation. Advanced measuring devices from the renowned company Sonel prove themselves at work in all conditions, allowing precise measurement of specific installation parameters. Our offer is complemented by a wide range of accessories, with which you can further expand the functionality of Sonel devices.

For years, Sonel S.A. has been a symbol of innovative approach and the highest quality. Its products are known for their reliable operation and excellent technical parameters. Sonel measuring devices have gained a reputation on a global scale and find practical application in many areas.