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Power industry measurment


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1 products


Low resistance meter

Index cat. WMGBMMR620

Ingress protection: IP 54

Measurement category: CAT III 300 V

Data transmission: RS-233

Display: graphic, monochrome, backlit

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Meters for the power industry

Following the need for precise power quality analysis and effective diagnostics of disturbances in power networks, Sonel has developed a whole series of specialized instruments used for measuring, analyzing and recording power network parameters. Our offer includes specialized power quality analyzers and small resistance meters with various parameters.


Sonel's reliable power quality analyzers

Sonel's advanced power quality analyzers are used for virtually all types of power networks. They make it possible to assess power quality in accordance with the EN 50160 standard and the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of May 4, 2007 on detailed conditions for the operation of the power system. In order to clearly read the measured parameters, each device is equipped with an easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen. In addition, the analyzers have a built-in memory for recording the parameters read.


Modern small resistance meters from Sonel

In this category, we also offer multifunctional small resistance meters - advanced micrometers, used, among others, for measuring HV circuit breakers and transformers. These devices allow the measurement of resistive objects and inductive objects, and are distinguished by stable operation even with interference, which significantly exceeds the measured signal.


Specialized instruments for measurements in the power industry

To ensure the possibility of uninterrupted operation even in harsh industrial environments and adverse weather conditions, Sonel meters for the power industry have been armed with robust housings, characterized by high resistance to damage and adverse external factors. Some models are additionally equipped with a special heater providing the ability to work in very low temperatures, reaching as low as -20 °C.


Areas of application of measuring devices for the power industry

Sonel's proven measuring instruments for the power industry are widely used in industry, among power engineers, as well as in maintenance services. They also find recognition among manufacturers of renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaic installations. Due to their reliability, durability and wide range of functions, Sonel measuring devices are appreciated by a wide range of users in many countries around the world.

Our store has a wide range of professional meters for the power industry manufactured by Sonel. In the assortment of store you will find devices with extensive functions and parameters, distinguished by their extremely versatile nature. Our offer meets the expectations of amateurs, as well as advanced users involved in the power industry.