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Instruments for electrical measurements

Devices for measuring electrical installations constructed by Sonel are multifunctional devices, ready to work also in harsh environmental conditions. The offer includes devices manufactured for the needs of installers as well as advanced measurement specialists. Even the basic models of meters are equipped with a solid casing with a specified degree of protection, which ensures high resistance to mechanical damage.

Devices for measuring electrical installations by Sonel. The Sonel brand offers reliable instruments for measuring electrical and photovoltaic installations, designed with the needs of modern customers in mind. These advanced meters are used, among others, in checking domestic and industrial electrical installations, installation safety measurements, electric shock protection parameter measurements or short circuit loop impedance measurements. In addition, the offer also includes specialized meters for testing photovoltaic installations that meet the guidelines of the PN-EN 62446 standard.


Proven meters for measuring electrical installations by Sonel

The showcase of the Sonel company is the highest quality and reliability. In line with this idea, each product is distinguished by a solid structure, precision in operation, while maintaining ergonomics and ease of use. Devices of this brand are characterized by a wide range of functions, which, if necessary, can be further expanded with the use of appropriately selected accessories.

It is worth emphasizing that all devices for measuring electrical installations manufactured by Sonel meet the required standards in certain categories. The proven Sonel meters perfectly fulfill their task in diagnosing the quality of the installation, being characterized by high precision of measurement, ease of use and ease of use.


Choose reliable instruments for measuring electrical installations in the shop.

In order to meet the specific needs of our customers, in our store we have prepared a comprehensive offer of Sonel brand meters that meet the most exorbitant requirements. Wide functionality combined with an efficient battery and ease of use make them indispensable devices for installers, electricians and surveyors. Our extensive range includes meters intended for beginners as well as advanced users. The most advanced models in the offer combine the measurement capabilities of several devices, and at the same time retain the appropriate measurement accuracy. Their precision and reliability will be appreciated even by experienced, advanced measurement specialists. Familiarize yourself with the wide range of proven instruments for measuring electrical and photovoltaic installations, which are available in this category of our store.