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59 products


Adapter with START button with UNI-SCHUKO plug

Index cat. WAADAWS01


Adapter with START button with UNI-SCHUKO plug

Index cat. WAADAWS03


Three-phase socket adapter 16 A (5P)

Index cat. WAADAAGT16P


Three-phase socket adapter 32 A (5P)

Index cat. WAADAAGT32P


Adapter for multi-core cables

Index cat. WAADAAISO10C


Adapter with UNI-SCHUKO angular plug

Index cat. WAADAWS04


Adapter with UNI-SCHUKO angular plug

Index cat. WAADAWS05


Adapter for measuring Z(L-N)

Index cat. WAADAWS07


Adapter with pin probe

Index cat. WAADAWS09


Line splitter

Index cat. WAADAAC16

Sonel measuring adapters

Reliable measuring equipment by Sonel is recognized in Poland, as well as in many other countries around the world. The company's devices are characterized by versatile use, rich functionality and reliable operation even in difficult working conditions. Sonel measuring apparatus is advanced equipment for special tasks!

This category includes measuring adapters for Sonel meters and other devices. Our offer is based on proven products that are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, durability and high resistance to damage. We strive to provide a wide and comprehensive range that meets the needs of the most demanding customers.


Adapters for many applications

The Sonel company can boast of an extremely rich and varied offer of devices used, inter alia, to measure the parameters of electrical and power installations. Special adapters that you can find in this category extend the possibilities of these multi-purpose devices even more, allowing e.g. testing of RCDs, automatic measurements of the insulation resistance of cables and multi-core cables, measurements of pole earthing, and testing of electric vehicle charging stations. We have a wide range of Sonel adapters with various properties that will adapt to the requirements of each user. Solid measuring adapters are reliable accessories that are useful in the work of every electrician, installer or service technician.


Sonel socket adapters

This category also includes high-quality socket adapters, including 16A, 32A and 63A three-phase socket adapters. Each of the products is characterized by a very solid structure and provides a high level of safety, ideally fulfilling its role in many areas, especially related to electricity, energy and industrial automation.


Proven solutions for electricians

The online store responds to the needs of electricians, for whom the use of the highest quality measuring equipment is an absolute must. You can find a comprehensive range of measuring devices as well as accessories manufactured by the renowned company Sonel.

Sonel measuring instruments have been popular and appreciated by professionals from Poland and other countries around the world for many years. Developed with attention to every detail and equipped with a set of useful functions, they find a number of applications in many industries and do not fail in any situation. In our store you will find comprehensive equipment for electricians, so you can fully prepare for work. Choose the best quality and choose reliable Sonel measuring equipment!

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