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Sonel power quality analyzers

Based on advanced technology and equipped with a number of functions, power quality analyzers are used to measure, analyze and record the parameters of 50 / 60Hz power networks. They are also used to control the quality of electricity in accordance with the European standard PN-EN 50160 and the Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of May 4, 2007, which concerns the detailed conditions for the operation of the power system.

In response to the needs of the power industry, the reputable company Sonel, of which we are the official distributor, has prepared a comprehensive offer of analyzers with advanced capabilities. A full range of specialized devices will meet the expectations of every user, even the most demanding user.

Professional Sonel electricity quality analyzers

Sonel power quality analyzers have such functions as voltage, current and power testing. Each model has an internal memory that saves the read parameters. The devices work with the necessary Sonel Analysis software with extensive capabilities. The application allows, among other things, to configure the analyzer, read data from the recorder and view network parameters in real time. In addition, the software allows you to present the data in the form of a graph or a table.

Due to the wide range of functions and many models to choose from, Sonel's electricity quality analyzers are used in many areas in the power industry, as well as in industry. These multi-purpose instruments are appreciated by users who are looking for a portable tool to control power networks, including electricians, fitters, service technicians and maintenance workers.

The most advanced models of analyzers in this category, such as Sonel PQM-710 and PQM-711, are equipped with a Wi-Fi interface. It is used for automatic pairing with the included tablet, which acts as a remote display - it allows you to view data in real time, as well as read and analyze the data recorded in the analyzer memory.

Proven measuring instruments for professionals

Sonel is a company whose activity from the very beginning focused on high-quality measuring instruments designed for the needs of the electrical and energy industries. Currently, the company can boast an international reputation.

We are official distributors of Sonel products, so you can be sure that you will find the largest selection, the latest news and the best prices. The Soneltest online store provides a comprehensive offer of high-quality testers, analyzers and other measuring devices. In addition, we have a wide range of accessories for Sonel instruments. Take advantage of our rich offer now!