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Wire Tracer

Index cat. WMGBLKZ720

Ingress protection: IP 40, IP 67

Measurement category: CAT III 600 V

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

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Index cat. WMGBTDR420

Ingress protection: IP 67

Display: graphic, color, backlit

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Index cat. WMGBTDR410

Ingress protection: IP 54

Display: graphic, monochrome, backlit

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Electric wire locators and reflectometers

Professional wire and cable locators are used wherever high precision of wiring location is required. Devices in this category are dedicated to, among others, installers, electricians, employees from the construction industry, as well as electrical wholesalers. In addition, they are used in the telecommunications industry, water supply, and even in refineries, where special care and precision are required.

Proven cable and underground infrastructure locators

Underground installations create extensive infrastructure that makes it difficult to find and identify individual cables. Specialist cable and underground infrastructure locators are perfect for precisely determining the location of buried installations, which allows you to prevent damage to them during work. The locating set consists of a transmitter and a receiver that pick up signals in a wide frequency range.

Sonel electric cable locators allow you to find and identify such objects as, for example, electric wires and cables, water and sewage installations, fuel and transmission installations such as gas and pipelines, heating installations and pre-insulated pipes, as well as other types of underground installations. In addition, the locator can accurately determine the direction of the cable, determine the current value and the depth of the cable, as well as save the route of the object on the map.

Specialized Sonel reflectometers

In order to effectively diagnose and locate any faults, interruptions, short circuits and other impedance changes, e.g. in power, telecommunication and teletechnical cables, it is worth using a reliable instrument such as a Sonel reflectometer. This functional device is characterized by a long operating range and a very small measurement error, thanks to which it enables precise localization of the damage. Professional Sonel reflectometers have the function of presenting the damage in the form of a graphic image with an indication of the distance to the fault location.

Multifunctional locators for professionals

Accidental damage to underground installations could have unpleasant consequences in the form of costly and time-consuming repairs. The precise locator allows you to avoid this undesirable effect, and therefore it is an essential element for workers operating in the installation, telecommunications or construction industry. Sonel has developed specialized wire and cable locators, which are distinguished by high precision in finding underground installations of various types. Sonel cable locators combine a solid and ergonomic design, a number of practical functions and reliable and stable operation, thanks to which they are recognized on an international scale.