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Earth Resistance and Soil Resistivity Meter

Index cat. WMGBMRU11

Ingress protection: IP 67

Measurement category: CAT III 300 V, CAT IV 150 V

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Earth Resistance Meter

Index cat. WMGBMRU10

Ingress protection: IP 67

Measurement category: CAT III 300 V, CAT IV 150 V

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Earthing resistance meters

The meters presented in this category are advanced devices for measuring earthing in the power industry. Depending on the model, the meters use various methods of measuring the earth resistance - the technical method with the use of auxiliary electrodes, measurement with the use of double clamps, measurement with the use of auxiliary electrodes and additional clamps (for multiple earthing), as well as the impulse measurement method. All known technical methods for measuring earth resistance are used in advanced Sonel meters. These devices have been additionally enriched with such functions as soil resistivity measurement, measurement of interference voltage, measurement of the frequency of the interfering signal or selection of the maximum test voltage.

Durable Sonel earthing meters designed for special tasks

Sonel earthing resistance meters are perfectly prepared to work in difficult conditions. Due to the tight and solid casing, these devices are resistant to impacts, splashes, mud, dust and dust. Due to their high functionality, some models of meters are used not only for earth resistance measurements, but also for measurements of continuity of protective connections and equipotential bonding, and with the use of clamps also for measuring leakage currents and fault currents.

Functional meters for professionals

To ensure comfortable and uninterrupted work, Sonel earthing meters are equipped with an easy-to-read display and a durable housing with a high degree of protection. Ergonomic design and simple operation facilitate taking measurements in all conditions. The meters combine advanced functions with ease of use, which makes them unrivaled devices in their field. The data stored in the meter's memory can be easily transferred to a computer, e.g. via USB, and in the case of some models also wirelessly.

Professional meters for measuring earth and other measuring instruments by Sonel

With a reputation on an international scale, Sonel has been a leader on the Polish market of measuring devices for many years. Responding to the needs of the electrical industry, Sonel provides devices that are reliable even in difficult conditions, e.g. in areas where there is a large amount of dust and there is a risk of splashing. Professional Sonel meters pass the test in all conditions, guaranteeing stable and uninterrupted operation.

Our online store offers an extensive range of measuring devices aimed at users with different requirements - those who are looking for tools with basic functions, as well as those who expect advanced parameters and the highest precision.