Accessories for thermal imagers


16 products



16 products

SD card 16 GB

Index cat. WAPOZSD16

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Wide-angle IR lens 13 mm

Index cat. WAADAO13V560

Tele IR lens 13 mm

Index cat. WAADAO13V650

Tele IR lens 55 mm

Index cat. WAADAO55V560

Front cover

Index cat. WAPOZOSL1

137,63 $


Delivery: up to 4 days

Sun - protecting cover

Index cat. WAPOZOSL2

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Accessories for thermal imaging cameras

Professional thermal imaging cameras are reliable equipment for special tasks. Due to the extensive functionality and modern image analysis tools, these devices have many applications in various areas. They are used, among others, in the diagnosis of electrical installations, identifying overheated components and inspecting buildings in terms of insulation tightness and energy audits. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used for instant and non-contact temperature measurement. They are perfect for locating hidden heat sources, e.g. people, animals, thermal bridges and other hot objects. They ensure effective work regardless of lighting conditions, and thanks to their easy operation, they can be used by beginners.

In this category, we present high-quality accessories for thermal cameras, including professional lenses, covers and high temperature filters, thanks to which you can further improve and increase the functionality of the thermal camera. Choose proven Sonel accessories!


Thermal imaging cameras - accessories

One of the key components of any thermal imaging camera is the lens. It is this element that determines the correct and effective operation of the camera. The professional lens provides excellent image quality, which translates into excellent measurement parameters and enables precise analysis. We offer lenses of various focal lengths - 13mm, 25mm, 42mm, 55mm. In this category, we also offer special covers for thermal cameras and lenses, as well as high temperature filters. We guarantee that you will find products and accessories of proven, excellent quality. High-class lenses, covers and straps for Sonel thermal imaging cameras allow to increase the functionality of the device and comprehensively prepare it for operation in all conditions.


Practical accessories for thermal imaging cameras

The Sonel brand has been a leading manufacturer of measuring devices in Poland and in the world for many years. Thanks to many breakthrough solutions and exceptional commitment to modern measuring technology, Sonel devices are recognized among the best professionals in the electrical industry and more.

We want our offer to meet the expectations of each client. That is why we provide a comprehensive and proven range based on the products of the renowned Sonel brand. Our offer is addressed to representatives of industries related to electricity, energy, automotive and industry. The highest quality accessories guarantee the best parameters! is the official store of the Sonel measuring apparatus manufacturer, therefore we can offer our customers favorable prices and an exceptionally wide range. With us, you can quickly complete the necessary equipment for your work. Take advantage of the unique offer of the online store now!