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RCD Meter

Index cat. WMGBMRP201

Ingress protection: IP 67

Measurement category: CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V

Data transmission: OR-2

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

Residual current circuit breaker meters

One of the devices that are widely used among electricians and installers are professional ground fault circuit interrupter meters, which are used to control the operation of circuit breakers and thus ensure the safe use of electrical installations. In this category we offer RCD circuit breaker meters from Sonel, which are distinguished by their versatile application and numerous additional functions. Sonel residual current protection meters can be used to measure different types of circuit breakers - delay-free and short-delay, as well as selective circuit breakers of AC, A and B types.


A wealth of practical functions in a single device

Sonel testers allow, among other things, the measurement of tripping current and tripping time depending on the differential current, they also allow the measurement of protective conductor and touch voltage. In addition, the meters have a memory for recording a large number of tests performed. The devices allow single measurements, as well as a series of measurements in automatic modes. In addition, there is the possibility of simultaneous measurement of current and time of operation (with a single tripping of the residual current circuit breaker). The included interface allows easy communication with a computer.


High-quality Sonel residual current circuit breaker testers

Periodic inspection of the condition of technical installations determines their safe use. Professional testers of residual current circuit breakers Sonel are used for comprehensive testing of parameters of RCDs, taking care of their safe operation. Ergonomic design and a small number of buttons guarantee easy operation of the device even by novice users. In addition, Sonel meters are equipped with a large, convenient display that allows you to read the measurement even in low-light conditions. The rugged, solidly constructed IP 67-rated housing ensures stable operation in all conditions. Sonel residual current circuit breaker meters are the right choice for electricians, installers and measurement engineers.


Proven Sonel measuring instruments

Being an undisputed leader in the field of specialized equipment for the electrical industry, Sonel has created a full range of modern measuring devices distinguished by their rich functionality. Sonel meters are recognized among professional users for their reliability, wide range of parameters and durability even in adverse conditions. In the sonel.sg online store you will find a diverse selection of Sonel devices with a wide range of measurement capabilities and useful accessories for them. We address our assortment to beginners as well as advanced users. We invite you to take advantage of our extensive offer!