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Short circuit loop meters

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Fault Loop Impedance Meter

Index cat. WMGBMZC20E

Ingress protection: IP 67

Measurement category: CAT III 300 V

Display: monochrome, backlit, segmented

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Short circuit loop impedance meters

In this category we present a diverse range of short circuit loop impedance meters. Our range includes handy testers with basic parameters, as well as advanced devices with extended functions. The meters presented are products of the renowned Sonel brand, which is a leading manufacturer of professional measuring devices in Poland and Central Europe. Sonel meters make it possible to carry out short-circuit loop impedance tests in consumer and distribution networks, and additionally allow you to measure the short circuit voltage and touch voltage. The company's devices are distinguished by their high functionality, which makes them appreciated by professional electricians from all over the world.

Sonel multi-purpose short circuit loop impedance meters

Sonel's short-circuit loop impedance meters feature a highly efficient ventilation system, which significantly reduces the cooling time of the short-circuit resistor and thus prevents blocking of the device even when measuring impedance repeatedly. Numerous additional features enhance its usability. The four-wire method used in Sonel professional meters guarantees high measurement accuracy. An additional advantage of devices in this category is the easy possibility to transfer data to a computer via USB.

Equipped with a wide range of functions, Sonel's short-circuit loop meters are dedicated to installers and surveyors performing services in single- and multi-family buildings, industrial plants, public buildings and many other facilities. The meters are also used by maintenance services.

Professional meters with different parameters

Due to the diverse requirements of customers in many segments, Sonel has prepared a whole series of professional short circuit loop meters. The basic meters have the most important functions for efficient measurement at low rated voltages, while the more advanced models in the series are distinguished by additional parameters and the ability to perform measurements also in networks with high rated voltage.

Choose proven Sonel measuring devices

Multifunction meters designed for precise measurement of short-circuit loop impedance are just some of the many reliable tools Sonel offers. For years, this renowned manufacturer has established a strong position in the market, providing pioneering solutions tailored to the needs of today's electrical industry and beyond. Sonel professional measuring tools combine innovative technologies, stable operation, high performance and intuitive operation, making them perfect for any application. Check out the full range of Sonel brand meters in our online store!