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Index cat. WMGBMMR6700

ean 5907624027190

Ingress protection: IP 67

Data transmission: LAN, USB, Wi-Fi

Display: touchscreen, graphic, color, backlit

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Current carrying test lead 15 m I1 (200 A, ...

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Current carrying test lead 15m I2 (200 A, 2...

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Current test lead 6 m I1 (200 A, 25 mm2) bl...

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2-core test lead 15 m (10 / 25 A) U1 / I1

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Current clamp (Φ=39 mm) 1000 A AC

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Test lead 6 m 1 kV (banana plugs) U2 blue

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2-core test lead 6 m (10 /25 A) U1/ I1

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2-core test lead 6 m (10 / 25 A) U2 / I2

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Current carrying test lead 10 m I1 (200 A, ...

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Measure HV switches and transformers with one device

Versatile and multifunctional micrometer Sonel MMR-6700 - a single device for HV circuit breaker and transformer measurements. It is distinguished by a modern design and advanced solutions enabling measurements of resistive objects with high current. Additionally, the device has a module for measurement of inductive objects with current up to 10 A, which is a distinctive feature of MMR-6XXX series and a unique solution in its class.

The Sonel MMR-6700 has been enhanced with many useful functions, such as temperature measurement and automatic compensation of measurement results in relation to the measured or user-programmed temperature. The micrometer also has a recorder function. Due to special measurement algorithms and additional functions, the Sonel MMR-6700 allows you to select the appropriate measurement method depending on the nature of the measured object and the measurement conditions, thus increasing the measurement capabilities and application areas of the device. The meter's functionality is complemented by a modern, easy-to-read interface, a range of communication interfaces, wireless communication and cooperation with a computer, printer and a 2D code reader. All these features make Sonel MMR-6700 a convenient and intuitive way to manage measurements, their results and identification data of measured objects.

Product features

  • measurements of resistive objects with current up to 200 A
  • measurements of induction objects up to 10 A
  • measurements of objects earthed on both sides (i.e. main joints of HV switches)
  • measurement with one- or both-way current flow
  • high immunity to outside interference
  • measurements temperature of windings
  • automatic compensation temperature of objects measured
  • a state of art interface with a touch screen and expanded memory
  • cooperation with a printer and a 2D barcode reader
  • WiFi, USB and LAN communication
  • IP67
  • it can work in an environment where electromagnetic interferences of 400 kV occur


The MMR-6700 microhmeter is device with a state of art design with unprecedented approach to measuring small resistances. The instrument allow to measure resistive objects with a high current and have a unique in his measurement class module for inductive current objects up to 10 A.

Device capabilities

The MMR-6700 microhmeter thanks to the use of special algorithms, measuring functions and a stabilized, non-pulsing measurement current allows user to work in difficult conditions. Possibility of use measurement current up to 200 A and a high power source allows you to measure the contacts of the HV switch with basic uncertainty from 0.25%.

Simplicity of readings

The MMR-6700 microhmeter is equipped with readable, touch screen, 5-inch colored display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels for convenience of readings measurement results.

Help system

The use of a large, readable display allowed for use helpful appetent drawings how to use the meter.